Chard Workshop O.C. 2019

I love learning. You can learn from your mistakes, the people around you, teachers, etc.… and then you can learn from THE BEST. Rich Lander of Chard Photography is an inspiration, and a leader in the wedding photography world. SO, when the opportunity to learn from him arose, I swiped my credit card so fast, he probably thought I was crazy.
The 12 hour workshop took place in beautiful Orange County, CA, and included the best sponsors with the coolest people representing them. KISS books are beautiful high end albums that REALLY elevate your brand and your client’s wedding memories. These books belong in EVERY home. Seriously.
Freedom edits, and ShowIt website builder were also a part of the day. After seeing their service, and hearing how freaking EASY they make your life, you honestly wonder how you’ve gone this long without them.
Last but not least we got to photograph the most gorgeous couple, at a gorgeous location alongside the guru himself.
My intention wasn’t to build a portfolio, but to observe, and take in all I could so there aren’t many. I know, I know, you totally want to see more because they are the cutest.

Chard Workshop Shoot-1.jpg